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December 11, 2005



Thanks for the inspiration :)
had fun blogging it!


this is cute! I'm going to go do this too! Loved getting to know your traditions. My Chandlers bday is January 3rd, so beginning the year she was due, I got the holiday mess cleaned up immediately. I thought I was going to have her on New years eve and didn't want the crap all over the place. Now, I clean up so that her party is just her party, no leftoever Christmas mess. Now don't ask me if I cheat and use holiday paper on some of her gifts...:p I buy 2 rolls of that birthday stuff andif I run out, well, one or 2 won't hurt her in the holiday. The barbie kind you can barely tell a difference! I started WWIII on 2peas once asking if that was bad or not. Turns out I'm scarring her for life.

We also did reindeer food 2 years ago, and I was unsure what to do because the glitter and oats all over the yard tipped Arielle off that they didn't EAT it, so I told her they made a mess slopping all over the bowl. LOL She should know all aobut that ;)


That's an awesome list, so good to get to know you better!

sue (kolkamtay)

i played!! thanks for the inspiration!


this is such a great list! definitely gonna do it right now! thanks! :)

Nichole M

I'm totally doing this... what a great idea!


Good answers! I love colored lights. :)


That was fun! thank you....

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